Here at The Essential Oil we have a passion for health and wellness. Dealing with a multitude of health issues over the course of many years, we’ve learned a fair amount around the topic.  Our goal is to distil our knowledge and experience as much as possible, in the hopes that others can benefit from it.  Mistakes don’t need to be repeated in order to learn from them.

The Essential Oil believes in and promotes altruistic behavior for the upliftment of humanity as a whole.  We also know that the start of this is for us to begin with ourselves. It is a false sense of harmony to think we can take care of others if we cannot properly take care of ourselves. This does not mean we disagree with charity, not at all.  Simply stated, we feel the phrase ‘charity begins at home’ is a good way to illustrate our point.  Home in this case meaning our self.

Having said all this, we understand there are both physical and spiritual elements at play in life.  In our culture, we have collectively begun to view the world and existence in general through a predominantly physical lens.

The reality and truth is that our objective senses, meaning our sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch only pick up a minuscule portion of what is actually around us. Without going into too much detail, we strongly advocate that more emphasis be placed on the spiritual, unseen elements of existence.

This is where the Cannabinoid THC comes in.  We’ve noticed there is a strong mainstream narrative around THC in that its effects are undesirable, hence all the products out there containing only CBD.

We understand that these effects can be perceived as unpleasant but we also know, through experience and study, that sometimes it is necessary for us to be subjected to some hard truths if we aspire to truly and completely heal.

There are constantly forces of good and evil at play.  Our free will allows us the freedom to decide our paths throughout our lives.  As much as we are being bombarded by foods which do not serve us, the same applies to things such an words, ideals, principals and values. Paraphrasing the great Alan Watts;

The term awakening or even enlightenment can also be explained as

someone coming to their senses


awakening from a trance

and therefore

to come to your senses you need to temporarily go out of your mind.”

This can quite easily be misconstrued but it simply attempts to illustrate what happens when someone meditates for example. The purpose for the practice of meditation is to quiet the mind, the rational, analytical part of the mind.  The part of us which is crucial for survival in the physical world. It’s what helps decide whether it is safe to cross the road, for example.  However, in our society this part of our brain has become the main driver for most of us. So from time to time it is absolutely crucial to our inner peace and harmony that we make an effort to also balance our minds out.

When we say to ‘go out of our mind’ we are also talking about the state of being totally present in the moment and totally aware of what you are sensing.  Your mind is not running over things such as, shopping lists, work tasks, or whatever.  You are not in ‘auto-run’ mode.  This is what may suddenly happen when we ingest a substance known to have psychoactive effects.

As already mentioned, these effects can also be reached through means such as meditation and because it took a bit of time to reach that state of consciousness during meditation, it doesn’t alarm us as opposed to the times when we have a drag from a joint and the substance rapidly enters the bloodstream with the effects being felt almost immediately.

The point we are trying to make is, that going out of the usual mindset we are in and viewing things from a different perspective is crucial if we want to remain as harmonious as possible.

Part of The Essential Oil’s philosophy is that we strongly advocate the simple yet profound truth and order of everything that is:




What we mean is, first deal with and carefully evaluate matters of your mind and matter will follow in a more natural, healthy and sustainable manner.

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