The Essential Oil’s philosophy around Cannabis can be compared to that of eating an apple, although the effect is much more amplified with Cannabis due to its complexity.

An apple is made up of many elements. While we have the advanced technology and expertise to isolate specific vitamins within an apple, we should not disregard the supporting secondary compounds, like Phytochemicals (biologically active compounds found in plants), that the fruit contains which allow our bodies to digest and metabolise these vitamins when consumed as a whole unit.  Often unknowingly, the isolation of elements can sometimes render them useless in the absence of their supporting compounds.

See the “entourage effect”  to elaborate on this point relating specifically to Cannabis and how the cannabinoids and terpenoids interact together.

It is on this basis that The Essential Oil strongly advocates for the use of Cannabis in as close to its natural, whole form as possible, including all the beneficial elements. Therefore, our product range contains only Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) from a wide range of strains.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” 


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