We all know cannabis is good for us.  All vertebrates and invertebrates are known to have an Endocannabinoid System.  This site is for people who want an accurately dosed product.  Knowing what amount we consume is the start to understanding the effects this truly complex and amazing plant has on our self.


There’s tons of jargon out their around the plant.  My philosophy can be compared to that of eating an apple (although the effect is much more amplified with cannabis due to its complexity).  An apple is composed of many things.  We have amazing technology to dissect an apple into its tiniest elements.  We have the expertise to explain what each element is.  We also have the ability to just eat the whole apple and benefit from all it has to offer.  


Cannabis is likely one of, if not the most complex plant known on this planet, containing hundreds of cannabinoids.  Extracting all the essential cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, taking it through a process of decarboxylation and then either consuming with a fat source or applying locally are the most efficient uses of the plants medicine, in my humble opinion of course.


We grow high quality indoor organic cannabis.  After curing, the essential oils are extracted using 99.9% food grade ethanol and infused with extra virgin coconut oil.  The coconut oil assists the body in absorption of the cannabis oil.


We refer to specialists within the field and as such Rick Simpson and his approach is what we base our dosing off of.