Mescaline, Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Iboga and Cannabis, just to name a few, all fall under this category.

For the practiced mind, the states of consciousness attained after ingesting these substances is not necessarily a stressful experience but for someone who is not familiar with such practices as meditation or other activities which alter ones consciousness, the jolt that they may experience from ingesting a high dose of Cannabis could be frightening, especially if misunderstood.

The absolute last thing you should do in these situations is to resist or try to stop the experience.  Follow the many suggestions given including those for breathing found in More Tips and go along for the ride.


As with all things in life:

Instead of resisting and suppressing 

rather embrace and transmute.


What you resist often persists and doing this while one’s state of mind is altered / heightened will make the experience much more challenging and unpleasant.

Embrace the experience and you will have a transformational journey that you will forever benefit from.

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