We organically grow high quality indoor Cannabis.  After curing, the essential components are extracted using 99.9% food grade ethanol only, then decarboxylated and infused with extra virgin coconut oil and finally put into capsules or syringes.  The coconut oil assists the body in absorbing the Cannabis oil.

The founders of The Essential Oil, have a diverse range of knowledge, experience, qualifications and skill sets that we use and update regularly to distil information as best as possible and to provide quality products that work all the time.

We acknowledge we do not know everything and therefore, one of the specialists whom we refer to within the field is Rick Simpson.  The man who pioneered what’s now commonly known as RSO (Rick Simpson Oil).  This does not mean we are associated with him.  We simply refer to and use knowledge and experience he has gained over many years of working with the plant and treating patients.

Our base products are dosed according to the Maintenance schedule as stated on the Phoenix Tears Website.  1000mg to 2000mg (1ml to 2ml) of RSO is the recommended monthly maintenance dose.  We’ve made it simple and divided it into easy to use capsules.  No more messy fingers.

We also provide more concentrated capsules for the treatment of cancer and various other severe ailments.

Please contact us for a tailor-made product.

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